Sunday, 9 November 2008

M&M World Las Vegas. Only In America ....

If you like chocolate lover and a shopaholic then why not drop in at M&M World. I discovered this little delight while walking up and down the strip in Las Vegas. The shop has 3 storeys of mouth watering goodness and hundreds of products sporting our little M&M character friends. You name it, clothes, toys, accessories, kitchen ware, it is all there, oh, and of course chocolate.

On the top floor there is a whole wall dedicated to chocolate and peanut M&Ms in all the colours of the rainbow (of course they all taste the same, only different coloured shell). The setup is dangerous however, as it is self service and you pay by weight so keep close tabs on what you are doing. For those of you who have just won big at the blackjack table this will not be an issue.

I was quite surprised at the amount of interest in the M&M merchandise in Las Vegas as you can see the little, and often big, yellow bags in everyone's hands. It was by far the most popular stop off for shoppers that I could see and there is plenty of shopping competition is Vegas believe me. There are three M&M World shops in the USA at Vegas, Orlando, and New York at Times Square and opportunities to get photos with the characters themselves. It is entertaining, different and tasty!



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