Wednesday, 19 November 2008

San Francisco Voted The Top US City

This week Conde Nast Traveler announced the Winners of the 21st Annual Readers' Choice Awards this week. The awards are designed to celebrate and identify the best destinations, lodgings and transportation in the travel industry. Altogether over 32,000 readers voted to help compose the list so us the public can see where and with whom we should be spending our hard earned cash.

The most incredible statistic and achievement came in the announcement that San Francisco became the top US city for the 16th year in a row edging out close rivals New York and 2nd place Charleston. I find this no surprise as I have never heard a single visitor say a bad word about San Fran. It has relatively warm weather all year round and there is plenty to see and do. The only downsides of the city are the fog which draws in quickly obscuring the view across the bay of the Golden Gate Bridge and the steep hills that you have to climb to go anywhere. Still, this city has plenty of character and charm and is good for backpackers and people searching for a little bit of luxury. Check out my next post to see the top 5 things to do in The Golden Gate City.

In the remainder of the categories, Bangkok won top Asian city, Sydney top Australia/Pacific and Singapore Airlines received best international airline.



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