Saturday, 27 December 2008

Snow Sports And A Bad Economy

Holidays in the snow are typically very expensive at the best of times because there a lot of extras to consider. Once you have paid for the flight and accommodation, you need to include the cost of the ski hire, the lift pass, winter sport insurance, expensive mountain restaurants and of course the apr├Ęs ski (evening drinks which are not cheap). A ski trip will hit your account hard at the best of times but in the current economic climate what will this mean for people heading to the Alps?

I for one am trying to organise a ski trip France in the New Year but am in two minds about when to book and what company to go with. I can see many smaller ski operators going bust as not so many Brits will be making the journey to the slopes in 2009 as the purse strings tighten. It is a pretty safe bet that companies will be offering very competitive prices to entice the business in order to survive the recession. Therefore there is a strong chance that you could get a really good deal on ski packages if you can wait until the last minute to book. This is a risky game though if you are not flexible as there is always a chance that you hold out for that cracking deal and nothing comes up for the location, accommodation, or airport you need.

Lets say you did get a last minute deal I think many people still would be deterred from going because the pound is so weak against the Euro right now. Prices in the mountains are always higher so it is good to be prepared for this and think of ways to cut the costs. In my next article I will outline a few ways you can save the pennies on the slopes.



At 28 December 2008 at 11:19 , Blogger Saadia said...

Oh, I love the thought of snow sports, but my sinuses keep me from planning a winter vacation! :-(

P.S. I addressed you in my post on Rome. Not sure if you noticed or not.

At 28 December 2008 at 21:48 , Blogger Alex @ The Travel Blurb said...

You should def go on a snow sports holiday but it is costly. Thanks for the mention on your article - feel like a celeb lol. you have inspired me to blog about my time in Rome - just need to find some time - xmas is busy and work starts again tomorrow :(


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