Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Nano Break And The Struggling Economy

As a consequence of the economic downturn it has been apparent that the length of a weekend break has fallen from the standard two nights to just the one. This trend has been spotted across the UK and in other European cities. In January this year there was a 29% increase in the number of Britons searching for a one night break in the UK. For example single night weekend breaks were up 143% in Bournemouth, 140% in Brighton, and 82% in Edinburgh. These are larger increases than those reported in Europe, but in Rome and Venice the increase was by 47% and 84% respectively.

So how long will this trend last for? And is it the nano break the attitude we need to help revitalise the economy and the travel industry? Well this trend is certainly not going to boost the economy out of the current recession because holiday makers are shortening their stays and spending less. In fact it is a grim outlook for the summer holiday as many are cutting their two week escapes to the sun to a ten day break instead. Something needs to happen to kick start consumer spending habits before we see a recovery. This may come from companies lowering holiday prices (perhaps in desperation), or the economy shifting to give people more disposable income.

The nano break will only be a temporary fad and will rise and fall with the UK’s economy that is for sure. Once people have the money again, it will be spent back on holidays; something the British public hold very close to their hearts. It will be interesting to see how the travel industry does recover from the global down turn and what will be left in its wake. However it is certain that this multi billion pound industry will continue to flourish despite this short term mishap.



At 5 May 2009 at 15:38 , Anonymous Gemma said...

In the wake of this ever deepening recession, I find it quite encouraging that we're still spending money on holidays. Even if they are 'nano' breaks, at least the weekend away hasn't been abandoned completely.

When I'm looking for a hotel, I'll often find great deals for Sunday night stays. My recommendation is to take Monday off work and enjoy a two-night extended weekend!


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