Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Humour From The Road

Firstly I will apologise for the poor quality of this photo. It was taken at dusk with a point and shoot so hopefully you would expect no more despite my best efforts to brighten it in photoshop. Anyway, the name of this shop tickled me which is slightly ironic seeing as it is in fact a coffin shop on a backstreet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

"Fook Hing" when said out loud phonetically could be mistaken as quite a rude word in the English language. I will not write the word as it is quite offensive, so if you know what I mean keep it to yourself (that means no guessing in the comments section or I will have to moderate!) It was only when I said the name over in my head a couple of times I started laughing. It is probably not funny to a lot of people but it does appeal to my sense of humour.

Although this is not an outrageous example, it really opens your eyes as to words and traits that are be acceptable in one culture, can be totally misinterpreted and taboo in another. If anyone else has other photos similar to this I would love to hear. Also if anyone knows the translation of "Fook Hing" then please leave a comment. My best guess is it is a family name?



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